Abigail Steidley, Life Coach

Logo Design | Web design

Abigail is a mind-body coach based in Wyoming – a magical manifester of sorts. We wanted to create a site that reflected her warm and opening personality. Soft colours and welcoming imagery helped us pull together an inviting place filled with kindness for her community. Abigail is also the boss over at mind body coach university.com where she imparts her wisdom to aspiring coaches. We helped her with some branding elements for this site as well.

We’ve been working on a new website for my coaching practice, and it was looking SO good. Then I had a total brainwave around what I want as a theme for my practice, and I threw Janet Pashleigh a curve-ball. What did she do? Hit a home run, of course! New website is now…astounding. Gorgeous. Better than I could have ever imagined. The culmination of four years of work on my materials, message, and offerings.”

Abigail Steidley