Meagan English Coaching

Meagan is a firecracker of a Lifecoach who was looking for a bright fun site to match her personality. Working off a bit of a Superhero theme we tried to capture her exuberance and powerful spirit.

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"I like to describe Janet to my friends and colleagues as a "Rock Star Magic-Maker". Working with Janet to create my logo and website was - to my delight - one of my favorite experiences in my business thus far. Once I gave Janet my desired color scheme and "tagline", the magic happened....And the fun! Prior to hiring Janet, I researched multiple web designers. One of the primary reasons that I selected Janet as my designer was because, over and over, she was described as "reading minds"...and I found that to be absolutely true! Janet immediately took my loose ideas, and created a website that turned out to be all that I had hoped for - beautiful color, fun images, and a great layout that is me, to the core. I can't begin to count the number of compliments I've received on my website. I would highly recommend Janet to anyone looking for a website designer that is efficient, creative, funny and yes....can read minds! "
Meagan English