Amy Pearson “Live Brazen”

Amy Pearson, Master Coach approached me about revamping her brand. Amy wanted a powerful retro feel to her new look. Inspired by the infamous Rosie the Riveter we played with her strengths with bold colours and fonts. Amy's brand flows through all of her many offerings keeping it fresh and consistent.

Live Brazen →

"I’m really picky about design. Which is why I work with Janet. She did my website, she designs my tiles, headers, power points…Everything! Each time I work with her, it’s like she can read my mind. She always seems to come up with exactly what I was thinking OR something much better. The other thing about her is she goes above and beyond. She delivers on time or ahead of schedule and will move mountains to make sure you are happy. Plus she’s got a wicked sense of humour."
~ Amy Pearson











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